Your payment partner

Access to payment services, receive real-time notifications, and benefit from banking reconciliation and transaction security tools.
All from a unique API.

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Complete your offer
by integrating our payment services

Integrate an omnichannel payment solution and its turnkey services.
Lead risk and fraud management tools.
Benefit from bank reconciliation tools.
Receive real-time notifications.


Accept more payments

  • From more than 150 currencies
  • From multiple payment methods
  • By offering multi-participant, installment or combined payments
  • By managing your transaction acceptance rules

Integrate one solution

  • Collect all types of transactions
  • Automatically redistribute due amounts
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Simplify bank reconciliations
  • Create a whole new source of revenue

Be accompanied by our experts who will

  • Guide you in understanding payment services
  • Assist you with the technical integration
  • Listen to your needs for specific services development

Provide a smooth payment experience

We simplify the payment process to make it painless, allowing you to focus on marketing your products.

10+ payment methods

Open up to more and more customers by allowing payment from different payment methods.

150+ processing currencies

Welcome new customers from around the world by offering payment in their own currency.

Omnichannel integration

Integrate payment forms into your website, send payment requests by email or SMS, attach QR Codes to your invoices, and accept in store payments.

Manageable security

Benefit from fraud our management system, machine learning, acceptance rules engine and whitelist / blacklist system to limit chargebacks and frauds.
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