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CentralPay supports every company wishing to digitize or optimize its payment processes. By leveraging your sales channels, unifying customer data, and automating your communications, we’re redefining payment limits.

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Beyond payment

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Enterprises in the traditional economy

who need to develop multi-channel sales paths and unify customer data.

Companies in the digital economy

(business solutions, Marketplaces and E-merchants platforms)

who need to optimize the integration of their affiliated merchants and the buying experience of their customers.

Digital platforms

Optimize your customer experience and your merchant contracts

CentralPay allows you to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and optimize your merchant’s account opening time and effort. Our teams of experts work with you to define the sales path of your platform and guide you to the simplest and most suitable legal model for your needs. You benefit from our services to:

  • Integrate platform payment features into your service offering
  • Reduce the creation time of your merchant accounts to zero
  • Bring payment facilities to your customers thanks to the digital wallet customer
  • Tokenise and unify your customer data to facilitate upselling
  • Integrate customer loyalty programs by cashback or gift cards
  • Issue a DashBoard with detailed reporting to each merchant of your platform

More information in our solutions pages:

Traditional companies

Adopt an omnichannel and unified commerce strategy

CentralPay allows you to diversify your payment processes while reducing your operational costs. Our teams of experts consider the digital maturity of your company and support you throughout your projects to:

  • Open new online or remote payment channels
  • Centralise your online and in-store transactions for accounting purposes
  • Unify your customer data to improve your strategic and marketing decisions
  • Automate payment related notifications
  • Automate your customer bill collection tasks
  • Letter your transactions to simplify your banking reconciliation

More information in our solutions pages:

Business use cases

How does CentralPay support your industry?

CentralPay payment solutions can be integrated into any business, from any industry. We have identified several use cases illustrating our services:

Invoice recovery
(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Arts and crafts
(coming soon)