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CentralPay supports every company wishing to digitize or optimize its payment processes. By multiplying your sales channels, unifying your customer data, and automating your communications, we’re redefining payment boundaries.

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for all payment needs

CentralPay supports every company wishing to digitize or optimize its payment processes, ensuring a smooth and secure payment experience.

  • Unify your sales channels: online, physical, mobile and remote (SMS, email and QR Code)
  • Diversify your payment methods: cards, wallets, transfers, direct debits…
  • Adapt your payment types: one-click, installment, multi-participant, multi-support, guarantee deposit…

CentralPay adapts to your business with simple, transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Efficiently manage
your business

The CentralPay Dashboard gives you a multi-user account environment, making it easy to manage your daily operations:

  • Automated monitoring via customizable email alerts,
  • Customized user profiles and rights,
  • Sending of payment links,
  • Monthly reporting,
  • Accounting exports with transaction lettering,
  • Optimization of transaction security.

Require more from your
payment solution

CentralPay offers unique services to complement payment:

  • Digitalize your invoice payment requests
    Push&Pay allows you to send personalized payment request (SMS and email), automated payment reminders and customizable notifications based on the progress of customer payments.
  • Unify your customer data and improve the shopping experience
    Customer 360 allows you to centralize your customer data regardless of the mode, usage or channel used.

A solution for every business



Apply for an account and receive your credit card, bank transfer, direct debit and e-wallet payments quickly into your CentralPay account.



Digitalize your current sales processes, reduce your payment related operational costs, centralize your online, in-store and remote payment.



Open seller accounts instantly, give each seller on your platform access to a tracking and reporting DashBoard, collect on behalf of third parties, and easily transfer funds from your DashBoard or the CentralPay API.


Business solution providers

Benefit from a technical partnership that allows you to integrate a payment offer into your business solution without inheriting the legal constraints of a marketplace.

Business use cases

How does CentralPay support your industry?

CentralPay payment solutions can be integrated into any business, from any industry. We have identified several use cases illustrating our services:

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Arts and crafts
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A strong and long-term relationship with our partners

Our services are also delivered to technical partners who are prescribers and distributors of our offer. Our solution is distinguished by its ability to complete a value chain by fully integrating with a third-party technical environment.

The “integrator” model allows our partners to:

  • Open affiliated accounts, validated and supported by CentralPay
  • Integrate and initiate payment services from their own solution
  • Delegate the management of operations and banking data to CentralPay
  • Establish a real-time dialogue between our two solutions via Webhooks

For partners who wish to use our white label services and bill their customers themselves, CentralPay is prepared to issue a verified Payment Service Provider status.

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Discuss your needs with our sales team and we will provide you with a free assessment of the corresponding CentralPay solutions. We will provide you with a test account and guide you through our documentation in order to start your integration in the best conditions.

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