Global payment solution

A simple, transparent
payment experience
for your customers


Integrate payment forms in just a few clicks

Add payment to your site or application using your own forms completely integrated into your sales funnel.
Your customers confirm their basket and pay on your site, without being redirected, whether from a desktop computer or mobile device.

You will have access to custom forms that can be seamlessly integrated into your site, in addition to ready-to-use, customisable pop-in forms.


An API that simplifies access to electronic payment

Benefit from a turnkey solution to manage online payments and increase your sales.

You’ll find all the tools and documentation on the software’s website.

Advanced features

Benefit from numerous features to help create customer loyalty, reduce the number of abandoned baskets and optimise the sales conversion of your websites.

Payment by bank card

Receipt of credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Carte Bleue, Vista Electron, Maestro, American Express, JCB.

Security of transactions

Anti-fraud and non-payment management

Advanced payment options

1-click, cross-sell, recurring payments, subscription management, notification systems, etc.

Management of market places

Distribution of income for marketplaces, risk management and compliance.



Create customer loyalty by facilitating payments. Register several cards per customer, activate payments in 1-click and create your payment forms simply thanks to an advanced API.



Accept bank cards via e-mail and SMS. Easily manage deposit requests, set reminders in the event of delays and optimise customer accounts by automating collections.



A complete service for the compliance and management of marketplaces. CentralPay allows the integration of remuneration models into the payment system.


Helping you to go international

Facilitate your customers’ payments on an international scale by accepting payment in multiple currencies, using payment forms available in several languages.

155 currencies

Multilingual forms


Optimise your activity thanks to a unique solution

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