Our Authorisations and Certifications

A Payment Establishment at the service of your business.

CentralPay gives you the guarantee of an FCA-approved Payment Establishment (Reg. no. 535688) authorised by the Bank of France, no. 73784.

For e-traders, this is evidenced by:

  • Significant equity
  • Own funds and cash available at all times
  • The creation of a team of banking sector professionals
  • The implementation and respecting of banking procedures
  • The integration of a redundant, completely secure IT system guaranteeing
  • a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Compliance with the VISA and MasterCard standards in relation to the security of payment methods
  • Annual physical audits in relation to the level 1 PCI DSS standard


CentralPay is an electronic money institution regulated by the Bank of France through its supervisory and resolution authority (ACPR) CIB 17138.


CentralPay complies with the 2nd Payment Services Directive, which imposes requirements for strong authentication of communications and data protection.

PCI DSS Certification

Each year, CentralPay obtains the highest possible certification in relation to the security of bank details and prevention of fraud; the level 1 PCI DSS regulation.

This certification, renewed each year, includes more than 200 criteria that must be respected and which are verified by means of a physical audit.

It vouches for the quality of the infrastructures implemented by CentralPay to guarantee the sensitive information of our traders and card holders.

Visa and MasterCard authorisations

CentralPay is recognised as a service provider that offers an online payment solution using the two main global bank card networks: VISA and MASTERCARD.

3-D Secure

CentralPay also ensures the implementation of the 3-D Secure protocol which aims to increase the security of bank transactions over the internet.
CentralPay offers its clients Dynamic 3-D Secure that can be configured manually.


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