Business challenges

Bill collection in companies requires the allocation of substantial human, material and financial resources to ensure a healthy cash flow. Because of the successive processing steps, these essential processes are often costly for the company and time-consuming for the customer:

  • Due invoices referencing,
  • Payments progress monitoring,
  • Reminders and customer communication management,
  • Payment methods management,
  • Payments reconciliation …

CentralPay offers its bill collection services to business solution providers, ERP, invoicing software and other companies with high expectations in terms of billing collection (insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, collection companies, corporate accounting, etc.).

Automate your out-of-court collection processes

Digitalizing and automating collections processes can improve the customer payment experience, reduce invoice processing costs and reduce DSO to optimize business cash flow. By digitalizing your invoice processing, you can reduce your operational costs by 25-50%.

The bill collection solution allows you to:

Send unitary payment links by email and sms

Enter the amount to be paid, your invoice reference, the transaction description and the recipient’s contact. CentralPay sends an email or SMS that is 100% personalized by you. You can also attach your PDF invoice to the message.

Send bulk payment links by email and sms

Easily manage the sending of payment requests to several hundred customers by importing your EXCEL list of receivables and their recipients into the DashBoard CentralPay.

Automate your payment reminders

Easily schedule personalized email and SMS reminders to be sent to your customers until their invoice is paid in full.

Benefit from a multi-user dashboard, with rights management

Open profiles for your administrative, accounting, collection or sales staff with clearly defined rights. Clearly view the status of your account transactions, send customized payment requests and export completed transactions for accounting purposes.

Automate monitoring and internal communications related to regulations

Program email or sms alerts to your sales, accounting or legal teams according to payment events that may occur on your account: customer payment failure, refund, receipt of a SEPA transfer, closing of a receivable, etc.

Adapt to your customers' payment methods

Collect payments by credit card, card subscription, bank transfer or SEPA direct debit easily from the payment links or from a payment form integrated into your website. The solution also supports card payments in X times, multi-supports and multi-participants.

Facilitate accounting reconciliation

You can attach a description and an invoice reference when creating your payment request, making it easy to reconcile a claim with its payment.

your payment partner

The impacts of manual invoice collection are multiple. We can help you automate your processes to improve your cash flow and reduce your operational costs.



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