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At CentralPay, we recognise the many challenges facing the tourism and leisure sector. The booking and payment processes in this industry are complex, with card imprinting or deposit taking, deferred balance debiting, and sometimes deposit taking. Being only partially digitalised, this value chain is too often subject to human intervention and still suffers from too many breakdowns. Thus, the management and follow-up of leisure and tourism payment is often costly in terms of time and money.

Improving the settlement process and automating the customer relationship for payments can concretely reduce the human time spent on it and secure revenues by maintaining a customer experience that rivals those of the world’s largest platforms.

This is why we support publishers of business solutions (ERP, PMS, etc.), platforms and marketplaces in the tourism and leisure sector by completing their offer with the integration of innovative digital services.

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A digitalized and unified payment solution

Reduce your operational costs and improve your customer experience by digitising your payment processes.

CentralPay’s mission is to provide a payment system adapted to the Tourism and Leisure industry, facilitating remote payment and allowing the automation of the majority of customer exchanges linked to payment.

The leisure and tourism payment solution allows you to:

Open affiliate accounts

Our partners have a secure portal for easy remote contracting with their affiliates. Our compliance teams collect the legal documents and take care of their validation.

Integrate new and essential digital services

Verification of funds on card imprinting, remote CB deposit taking, secure card imprinting by telephone, sending of payment links by email and sms for telephone deposit taking, automated reminders for balance payment, remote multi-participant payment, online room service ordering, etc.

Manage collection flows

Collect on behalf of third parties, ring-fence transactions, redistribute funds to affiliate accounts (marketplace), deduct commissions, convert currencies in real time.

Automate customer and internal communications related to payment

With Push&Pay, you manage the sending of personalised emails, sms and hook notifications for each event carried out on the platform. Immediately notify your hoteliers when a card debit is refused, automatically thank customers upon receipt of the balance of the stay, inform your accounting department when a refund is made…

Centralise your cash receipts and customer data

Operations carried out online, by telephone, by email/sms, or in person are unified in a single interface. Customer data is centralised and allows recognition of customers from all sales channels.

Automatically reconcile each payment with its invoice

CentralPay can be integrated into any information system, allowing the development of two-way dialogues in real time and without human intervention. You are free to associate your own codification to each transaction, ensuring automatic accounting reconciliation between orders, receipts and invoices.

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At CentralPay we understand the challenges of the tourism and leisure sector. Our experts are ready to listen to all your technical integration or innovative service development projects.



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