Energy and construction companies

Energy suppliers and construction material suppliers have common problems concerning the payment of their customer orders. As most sales are made by telephone or email, the main need for energy and construction companies is to offer simple and secure remote payment. Efficient and inexpensive collection of funds is also an important issue in the finanacial strength of these companies. All these processes are often handled manually, increasing the workload of the teams and the associated costs.

This is why we support publishers of business solutions, ERPs, platforms and marketplaces in the energy and construction sector, as well as companies supplying energy (gas, electricity, fuel, etc.), building materials and, more broadly, construction companies, by supplementing their solution with the integration of innovative digital payment services.

The automation of suppliers payment processes allows you to reduce the time needed to place orders and pay customers to a minimum, so that you can use your time and income to develop your business.

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A digitalized and unified payment solution

Reduce your costs and improve your ordering processes by digitising your collection processes.
CentralPay’s mission is to deliver a multi-channel payment system that allows you to digitise your business processes, automate the customer relationship linked to payments, and facilitate customer collection tasks.

The material suppliers payment solution allows you to:

Send payment links by email and sms

Address your payment requests remotely, facilitate your collection by sending payment links to several thousand customers via excel file import, program automatic email and SMS reminders until your customers have paid in full.

Access payment by secure voice server for your telephone sales

When selling by phone, allow your customers to pay simply and securely by entering their card details on the telephone keypad. You are never in possession of sensitive data and comply with the new customer data protection standards.

Offer different payment methods to your customers

Collect payments by credit card, card subscription, bank transfer or SEPA direct debit easily from the payment links or from a payment form on your website. The solution also supports card payments in X times, multi-supports and multi-participants are also available.

Benefit from a multi-user dashboard, with rights management

Open profiles for your administrative, accounting, collection or sales staff with clearly defined rights. Clearly view the status of your account transactions, send personalised payment requests and easily make refunds.

Automate customer and internal communications related to payments

With Push&Pay, you manage the sending of personalised emails, sms, and hook notifications for each event on the platform. Immediately notify your sales staff when a card debit is refused, automatically inform customers when their deposit is cashed or released, alert your accounting department when a refund is made, etc.

Centralise your collections and customer data

Operations carried out online, on the phone, by email/sms, or in person are unified and go back into the same interface. Customer data is centralised and allows recognition of customers from all sales channels

Each payment is automatically reconciled with its invoice

CentralPay can be integrated into any information system, allowing the development of two-way dialogues in real time and without human intervention. You are free to associate your own codification to each transaction, ensuring automatic accounting reconciliation between orders, receipts and invoices.

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We understand the challenges of energy and materials suppliers. Our aim is to digitalise your business processes to optimise your performance and profits.



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