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Companies in the rental sector

Like many others, the vehicle and equipment rental sector is undergoing a digital transformation. Taking deposits remotely, collecting or releasing them, monitoring payments and collecting invoices from business accounts consumes significant human resources. These mechanisms, which are not yet fully digitised, are processed manually, making the work of branch staff and accounting departments more cumbersome.

We support the sector’s business solutions publishers, but also directly the equipment rental, professional vehicle rental, and pleasure boat rental companies (clothing, light transport, etc.), by offering digitalized payment services that can be integrated into their current tools or initiated from our online portal.

The automation of the payment process allows you to reduce the average payment time of your customers to a minimum, allowing you to focus your time and revenue on developing your business.

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A unified payment and deposit taking solution

Improve your customer experience, reduce your operational costs and your committed accounting resources by digitising the processing of guarantee and settlements.
CentralPay’s mission is to provide a complete rental payment system that enables you to make your business processes more fluid, automate customer relations related to settlements, and facilitate accounting reconciliation tasks.

The rental payment solution allows you to:

Send payment or guarantee links by email and sms

Make your CB deposits remotely, facilitate your collection by sending payment links to several thousand customers via excel file import, program email and SMS reminders until your customers have paid in full.

Access different payment methods when booking on your website

Integrate a simple payment form, with deferred payment of the balance or by taking a deposit in just a few lines of code. A customer profile is generated and allows you to send additional payment or deposit links even more easily.

Benefit from a multi-user dashboard, with rights management

Open profiles for your administrative, accounting, collection or sales staff with clearly defined rights. Clearly view the status of your account transactions, easily initiate refunds and collect or release your customers’ CB guarantees.

Automate customer and internal communications related to payments

With Push&Pay, you manage the sending of personalised emails, sms and hook notifications for each event carried out on the platform. Immediately notify your sales staff when a card debit is refused, automatically inform customers when their deposit is cashed or released, alert your accounting department when a refund is made, etc.

Centralise your collections and customer data

Operations carried out online, by telephone, by email/sms, or in person are unified in the same interface. Customer data is centralised and allows recognition of customers from all sales channels.

Automatically reconcile each payment with its invoice

CentralPay can be integrated into any information system, allowing the development of two-way dialogues in real time and without human intervention. You are free to associate your own codification to each transaction, ensuring automatic accounting reconciliation between orders, receipts and invoices.

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At CentralPay we understand the challenges of the equipment and vehicle rental industry. Our aim is to simplify your business processes to maximise your profits.



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