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The impact of merchant onboarding on marketplace performance


Le 2 December 2021

Marketplaces are experiencing considerable growth in the e-commerce ecosystem. At the beginning of 2021, they recorded a growth of more than 80% in their business volume. However, in recent years, marketplaces have had to comply with new regulatory requirements to ensure their effectiveness.

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Diversification of payment methods in B-to-B: SDD direct debits

Sdd direct debit

Le 10 November 2021

Today, payment by bank card is the most popular payment method in France. However, payment in the B-to-B sector is often governed by cumbersome processes, so companies are turning to SDD (SEPA Direct Debit).

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From unified commerce to unified payment: How to increase your sales ?

unified payment

Le 29 June 2021

From unified commerce to unified payment: How to increase your sales? Multichannel, cross-channel, omnichannel and now unified commerce? Le 29 June 2021 Today, more than ever, customers impose their own pace of consumption. Merchants must adapt to these new behaviors by offering increasingly personalized shopping experiences and payment solutions. Consumers are looking for a commerce [...]

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ClicOresto : an all-in-one solution to enable restaurant owners to overcome the health crisis

All-in-one restaurant digitization solution

Le 16 January 2021

CentralPay is launching a set of unified ordering and payment services designed for restaurant checkout tools. Compatible with all the cash register solutions on the market, ClicOresto can be easily integrated into software and can be connected via API to product catalogs, menus and cards to allow remote customer ordering and payment.

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CentralPay launches ClicOresto, the Click & Collect solution for publishers and distributors of CHR software

Click & Collect Solution

Le 2 January 2021

With ClicOresto by CentralPay, the cash register software of hotel chains and restaurant owners digitize end-to-end ordering, payment and loyalty.

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Push & Pay integrates with cash management solutions

cash management

Le 3 December 2020

CentralPay integrates Push & Pay, its omnichannel payment platform, with business cash management functions in SaaS. The variety and richness of its innovative solutions effectively complement cash flow optimization processes.

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CentralPay Push & Pay, digital payment integrated into business software

digital payment

Le 28 September 2020

CentralPay, French fintech approved by the Electronic Money Establishment, integrates its unified digital payment solution into business software such as CRM, Accounting or Invoicing.

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CentralPay simplifies remote collections with a universal secure payment link

Secure payment link

Le 15 June 2020

Centralpay presents a new version of its “Push & Pay” secure link payment service.

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