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Is a French Wirecard scandal possible?

Wirecard scandal

Le 9 August 2020

An attempt to falsify accounts is always possible regardless of the industry or country. In France, regulations limit the risks. Moreover, the Wirecard scandal is an earthquake which should accelerate the debate and further strengthen the harmonization of European practices.

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Will the Wirecard scandal splash the booming fintech sector?

Wirecard and fintech

Le 17 July 2020

The fall of Bavarian fintech Wirecard is not without consequences for other finance start-ups, including outside German borders.

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Why did my payment provider label me a “high-risk merchant”?

High risk merchant

Le 3 May 2020

The increase in the number of e-merchants leads to an increase in the number of incidents, which can impact merchants, in particular by being categorized as “high-risk merchant” by their payment service provider.

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Marketplaces and PSD2 Directive : hindrance or opportunity?

directive DSP2

Le 1 April 2020

For marketplaces, the PSD2 Directive clarifies a legal vagueness. But is causing a number of upheavals in their business models, and their roles in collecting funds on behalf of third parties. Basically, if it is to comply with the new regulatory obligations of the directive, a marketplace is, and must remain above all, a sales window for merchants.

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The tokenization of credit cards, a challenge for the tourism industry

Tokenization of credit cards

Le 3 February 2020

The CentralPay electronic payment solution offers the tokenization of bank card data in a PCI DSS environment. This is an important issue for the tourism industry, especially hotel distribution centers.

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