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ClicOresto : an all-in-one solution to enable restaurant owners to overcome the health crisis

All-in-one restaurant digitization solution

Le 16 January 2021

CentralPay is launching a set of unified ordering and payment services designed for restaurant checkout tools. Compatible with all the cash register solutions on the market, ClicOresto can be easily integrated into software and can be connected via API to product catalogs, menus and cards to allow remote customer ordering and payment.

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Push & Pay integrates with cash management solutions

cash management

Le 3 December 2020

CentralPay integrates Push & Pay, its omnichannel payment platform, with business cash management functions in SaaS. The variety and richness of its innovative solutions effectively complement cash flow optimization processes.

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Dialogue and interconnections, the strengths of credit management”

credit management

Le 18 November 2020

It is a little-known profession and few companies have opened a credit management position backed by their finance and accounting department. During cash management, the credit manager’s mission is to make the payments successful.

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CentralPay integrates accounts receivable management with business software

accounts receivable management

Le 13 August 2020

CentralPay brings together all of its digital payment services within the Push & Pay platform. Unified and automated, Push & Pay payment services cover all of a company’s needs to digitize its customer payment chain.

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Digital tourism to enhance the local ecosystem

digital tourism

Le 5 July 2020

The explosion of tourism offers and the sometimes stammering coordination of local players are not helping to consolidate profitable local tourism, despite the efforts of players in this industry.

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Automate debt collection to reduce expenses

debt collection

Le 2 March 2020

Debt collections remain one of the capital issues for companies. They represent on average 40%1 of the total assets of a company.

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CentralPay facilitates the growth and optimization of payments for marketplaces

Payment solutions for marketplaces

Le 15 January 2020

With a panel of solutions dedicated to market place management, CentralPay fosters an environment conducive to the deployment of qualitative services and strengthening the attractiveness of the sales platform.

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