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Centralpay offers a complete solution to automate complex payment processes. We allow online merchants or platforms/marketplaces to optimize local and international transactions.

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Flexibility and experience

Established in 2002, the Centralpay payment platform first operated as a white label for more than 15 years for major e-commerce brands. It now offers complete solutions to automate complex cashing processes and enables e-merchants, platforms and marketplaces to optimize their transactions locally and internationally.

Built on the most secure standards, the Centralpay proprietary platform provides unparalleled expertise to ensure functional and innovative payment services implementation.Building on Centralpay’s trust relationship with its customers, the platform has been PCI-DSS Level 1 certified since 2007. The Centralpay company is authorised by the Banque de France through its Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority (CIB 17138).

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a proprietary technology platform

Centralpay is an independent payment platform, whose development based on open source standards, R&D and maintenance of operational conditions are entirely internal.

Without third-party technology, Centralpay ensures a perfect integration of its solutions with all reservation software and marketplaces.

In addition, Centralpay guarantees developments tailored to its customer’s specific needs, building its innovation on the e-commerce sector evolving characteristics.

Centralpay, a panel of solutions

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By accessing the highly controlled status of electronic money institution, Centralpay is positioned as the only French payment solution provider capable of responding to the most complex situations encountered by e-merchants. Electronic wallet, customer loyalty, automated processes for long-term customer journeys, account opening and remote contracting, the modular solutions of the Centralpay platform form a complete offer, integrated and omni-channel for the most successful shopping experience.

CentralPay’s management team

Guillaume Ponsard

Guillaume PONSARDFounder and President of Centralpay
After graduating from the University of Tours in 1996, Guillaume Ponsard has been contributing for 20 years to the development of French IT, via Cloud, Big Data and Fintech technologies. He founded CYRES, which has been supporting the digital transformation of businesses and regional governments since 1999. Convinced of the importance of online payments in the e-commerce development, he created Centralpay in 2002, one of the first PCI DSS certified payment platforms. In 2011, he co-founded a Payment Establishment on British soil and provided his services to hundreds of merchants throughout Europe.

To respond with ever more relevance to the complexities of online sales processes and to meet e-payment new challenges, it separates from its London structure and is investing in Centralpay’s free trade mark development after obtaining an electronic money institution authorisation from the Banque de France in 2019.

Anthony MABILLEAUCentralpay General Manager and Technical Manager
Anthony Mabilleau graduated in Computer Engineering for Industry. As a specialist in money services, he helped set up the Centralpay online payment platform in 2002, for which he implemented the PCI DSS standard from 2007. It is also to Anthony that the platform owes its solid architecture and its entire accounting system.

Anthony Mabilleau then became project manager and then project director for Centralpay’s large accounts receivable. Now General Manager and Technical Manager, he uses his dual competence, business and technical, to stimulate his teams, of which he himself manages the recruitment. Always looking for passionate and curious profiles, Anthony Mabilleau is committed to creating a fulfilling work environment.

Philippe DERRIERCentralpay Supervisory Board President
A tourism professional for 33 years and an accomplished sportsman, Philippe Derrier created a successful advertising agency, tourist information magazines and a publishing house. In 1997, he founded Alliance Réseaux, first tourism marketplace operator and publisher of online reservation solutions for the tourism industry, which he chaired until 2017.

His meeting in 2015 with Guillaume Ponsard led to the sophistication of Alliance Réseaux platform by now offering a unified multi-provider payment system to marketplaces customers. It also establishes the evolution of Centralpay. Under the impetus of both men, the fintech company was granted the status of an electronic money institution approved by the Banque de France in 2019. Philippe Derrier then enters his capital to accompany an innovative payment services offering that he deeply believes in, and intends to take Centralpay’s platform to new heights.

Emmanuel Kostucki

Emmanuel KOSTUCKICentralpay Supervisory Board
Emmanuel has over 10 years’ experience specialising in consulting and investment banking for the technology & outsourcing services sector. He currently works at Equiteq, a global advisor specialised in growing and realising equity value in the knowledge economy.

Prior to Equiteq, Emmanuel was with the European team of Avendus Capital, a technology & outsourcing focused M&A advisory practice owned by KKR where he was involved in deal execution and origination. Prior to Avendus Capital, he worked at JRJ Group, a London-based family office, at Capital SCF, a London-based technology-focused M&A boutique where he advised companies like Exact, Sage, Altran, CGI, Capgemini and Computacenter, within the TMT group of Credit Suisse and started his career within the equity research team at Gilbert Dupont, a brokerage firm based in Paris.

He holds an MSc in Economics from Warwick University and an MSc in Finance from Lancaster University, where he was awarded a scholarship on merit. He also has a BA in Management and Economics with a specialization in Corporate Finance from CNAM in Paris, which he achieved within 2 years while working full time as an internal auditor for 2I Inter Investissements.