Digitize and optimize your payments thanks to easy-to-use and secure payment links

Payment links are an easy solution to set up and secure payment method for taking remote and contactless payments. Today, many businesses find it difficult to get paid and accepted payment methods (eg : checks) are tedious to process and do not facilitate bank reconciliations.

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Payment links : how do they work ?

Le 23 September 2020

In France, card payments account for 60%1 of the number of cash transactions. Conversely, even if their rate of fraud is extremely low, transfers and direct debits represent only 16%1. Payments by check are admittedly in sharp decline, only 6%1 of transactions, but they are still used by many businesses and its fraud rate represents 46%1 of total fraud against cashless means of payment. Benefiting from a secure credit card payment solution is therefore essential.

Perfectly suited to the construction, energy and craft sectors, or any other company that does not have a website or wishes to accept remote payments, payment links therefore provide more security and flexibility in management cash receipts.

The issues of the craft sector

Craftsmen encounter 3 main payment issues :

  • The absence of payment by credit cards in intervention
  • Lack of websites
  • Reconciliation of operations

The majority of artisans are still very little digitized. For the most part, they do not have a website allowing online payment or the necessary resources to accept payments on the go (at the place of intervention).

It is therefore difficult for them to accept payments by credit cards, so checks and transfers remain their preferred means of payment. However, these means of payment represent on the one hand a higher risk of fraud, in particular for checks, but also this greatly complicates bank reconciliations between invoices and payments.

The issues of the energy and construction sectors

Companies in the construction and energy sectors are faced to similar problems as those in the craft industry : the difficulties of bank reconciliations between orders and payments, and the lack of a websites that does not allow online sales.

But there are also other issues such as :

  • Invoice collection : for many companies in this sector accounts receivable invoices are processed manually and this requires time, human, material and financial resources, and increases the risk of error (eg : typing error)
  • Orders by phone : the lack of digitization of the payment does not allow the sale to be concluded directly by telephone, which will generate other manual steps subsequently but also the possibility of losing the sale (eg : in the meantime the customer changes notice)

CentralPay solutions

Payment service provider and electronic money establishment approved by the Banque de France, CentralPay has developed solutions, such as the payment link, to meet the needs of these sectors and any other business whose activity requires taking payment at distance.

As part of a remote bill settlement or during an intervention, sending a payment link is the simplest, fastest and most secure solution, whether on the business side or on the client side.

But CentralPay went even further. CentralPay offers a complete solution, responding to all your issues :

  • Send payment links by Email and SMS : digitize your payment requests and send them to your customers by email and sms with an optimized deliverability rate.


From your interface you enter the amount, the customer’s contact details (last name, first name, email address), and your internal reference (order form, estimate, invoice, etc.). Then you just have to insert the clickable link in the email / sms to allow your customer to pay you instantly.

You will be able to collect payments remotely without a website, your customers instantly even in intervention, telephone orders allowing you to increase your conversion rate.

CentralPay also offers mobile payment with the Push & Pay application, which further facilitates mobile payments. For example, during an intervention at the customer :

  1. Directly edit a payment request and display the QR Code on your phone
  2. The customer scans the QR Code with his own phone
  3. He is immediately redirected to the secure payment page to settle the transaction


  • Give your customers the possibility to pay as they wish : by card, transfer, direct debit, in installments or with several cards. Offer flexibility to your customers.


  • Facilitate the reconciliation of your payments and invoices : each payment is referenced, thanks to the reference indicated in each payment request, you know exactly which invoice or quote is associated with which payment. Also benefit from a single interface and full accounting exports, reconciliation will become a breeze.


Do you want to know more about the CentralPay payment solution ? Contact our teams.

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