High risk merchant accounts

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High Risk merchant account

What to know

You are positioned on a sensitive industry that generates fraud and chargebacks ? You are propably considered has a high risk merchant. CentralPay is here to help you. After approval by our Risk & Compliance team, you get your merchant account quickly and start accepting payments. Our goal is to make payment processing safer and entirely secure thanks to our anti-fraud solutions for high-risk merchants, such as online dating or livecam websites. Grow your business performance by accepting transactions in 150 currencies and access larger markets.

A smooth and customizable payment experience

We simplify the payment process to make it painless.


A ready-to-go payment form hosted in the CentralPay PCI-DSS environment, configurable from the backoffice or API and easy to setup with only few lines of code.


Allows you to create personalized payment forms in order to build a unique payment experience that is fully integrated into your sale process.

What about CentralPay services ?

CentralPay’s technical structure is entirely oriented towards its API, this to allow you more control and freedom in the use of our payment services.

Higher acceptation rate

Our clients gain +20% acceptation rate after using our services according to our datas.


Ours services and datas are hosted in France in our DataCenters, our company works in the payment industry for more than 20 years.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing structure is fair and clean. No setup or subscription fee will be asked.

Flexibility and customization

Integrate et adjust easily our solutions into any business information system to cover complex business scenarios.


Our system helps you analyse the risk and reject suspicious transaction to keep your business away from costly chargebacks and fraud (customizable 3D Secure, fraud score, blacklisting)


Our technical and business support is really here for accompany your during integration and everyday after.

Real-time reporting

Our API allows you to visualize your operations and warns you of any unusual event (webhook) in order to respond quickly to urgent situations.

Payment types
Several payment types adapted to your customers’ needs

One-click payments

Give your customers a smoother payment experience, by making the payment process faster and easier with the “remember me” option which will allow them to pay without having to give their credit card details. Make transactions easier for recurrent and impulse purchases for example sectors like dating or online entertainment.

  • Effective bulwark against cart abandonment
  • Retain your customers


Set up a fully customizable subscription model for your loyal customers, including a system of repeated attempts in case of payment failure and a customer portal for updating credit cards. You have full control over transactions passing through your website like for precious metals or jewelry selling.

  • Sell more items and services
  • Maximum security thanks to our private and secure server

Supported businesses

High Risk merchant account

Businnesses accepted under conditions:

  • Dating
  • Online entertainment and livecam
  • Spirituality and fortune telling
  • Software download
  • Online gaming 
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) services

Unaccepted businesses:

  • Sale of products and services prohibited / not respecting the legislation
  • Sale of pharmaceutical and similar products
  • Sale of any good or dissemination of any image contrary to public order
  • Sale of weapons
  • Sale of drugs or any illicit product including cannabis derivatives (eg cannabidiol)
  • Sale of nutritional products / food supplements
  • Sites promoting terrorism or racism
  • Sale of alcohol without a license
  • Sale of tobacco
  • Sale of e-cigarettes
  • Sale of hacking devices / spyware
  • Investments, assets
  • Massage salons
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Night clubs / bars / Cabaret
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Sale of counterfeit products
  • Extremist / ultra-radical / dissident / sect movements
  • File sharing sites
  • Purchase of foreign currency;
  • Collection on behalf of third parties
  • Money transfer (sending money to people in high-risk countries)
  • Guarantees / sureties

High risk accounts pricing

CentralPay understand the challenges of the high-risk industry. Our goal is to make your online payment process more reliable in order to secure your profits.



per transaction

Rolling reserve from 5 to 10% withheld for a period of 180 days depending on the business caracteristics


For high-risk merchants processing less than 5k€ / month, a registration fee of 500€ may apply.