CentralPay Marketplace: Payment solution for marketplaces and platforms.

A flexible API that adapts to your business model.

CentralPay Marketplaces manages the complexity of the business model of marketplaces and third party remuneration platforms.

Using the CentralPay API, you will be able to integrate and manage sub-merchants, customers, affiliates and third parties. Payments are fluid, the breaking down of transactions is simple and you will be able to access an advanced analysis of the performance and results of each actor.


A complete solution to manage marketplace flows.

Make the purchase process easier

Enable customers to make their purchases in a secure, simple manner thanks to the API’s advanced features: registering of several cards per customer, 1-click payment, subscription management, customer payments in 155 currencies and charging in 15 currencies.

Remunerate all actors

The API enables automatic assigning of the transaction amounts to the sub-merchants and the distribution of their commission charges through the wallet by means of post-transaction transfers.

The system adapts to the complex marketplace processes by integrating the different customers, sellers, and any other person needing to be paid.

Ensure traceability and compliance of transactions

Benefit from the assistance of an experienced intermediary in the ensuring of compliance.

CentralPay enables you to ensure the traceability of multi-party payments, security and compliance of operations.

Provide marketplaces and platforms with an efficient tool to manage entities, apply business rules and analyse global activity.

Secure platform

The CentralPay platform is PCI-DSS certified to guarantee the security of your data and transactions.

Protection against fraud

CentralPay analyses your transactions to protect your activity from fraud and limit non-payment without losing sales.

Centralised back-office to manage the flows of your marketplace or platform

Reports and Advanced Searches

View and manage incoming flows, chargebacks, transfers to be made, etc. from the back-office.

Check payments by customer, card, seller, affiliate, etc. in just a few seconds.

Accounting and financial data exports

Exported data or statements to make accounting and financial account clearing easier.

Thanks to the integration of remuneration models within the payment system, you will receive complete reports to make payments and distribute the value due to each actor involved.

Event management

The webhooks enable you to automate common processes and communicate events such as failed transfers to your platform.

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