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From unified commerce to unified payment: How to increase your sales ?

unified payment

Le 29 June 2021

From unified commerce to unified payment: How to increase your sales? Multichannel, cross-channel, omnichannel and now unified commerce? Le 29 June 2021 Today, more than ever, customers impose their own pace of consumption. Merchants must adapt to these new behaviors by offering increasingly personalized shopping experiences and payment solutions. Consumers are looking for a commerce [...]

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The adoption of new payment methods

payment methods

Le 22 December 2020

Payment methods are extremely varied. While many are linked to regionalized habits, the health crisis is seen as an accelerator of contactless payment, with a universal vocation.

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CentralPay Push & Pay, digital payment integrated into business software

digital payment

Le 28 September 2020

CentralPay, French fintech approved by the Electronic Money Establishment, integrates its unified digital payment solution into business software such as CRM, Accounting or Invoicing.

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Digitize and optimize your payments thanks to easy-to-use and secure payment links

payment links

Le 23 September 2020

Payment links are an easy solution to set up and secure payment method for taking remote and contactless payments.

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CentralPay simplifies remote collections with a universal secure payment link

Secure payment link

Le 15 June 2020

Centralpay presents a new version of its “Push & Pay” secure link payment service.

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Offer more flexibility to your customers with unified payment

unified payment

Le 13 April 2020

With the advent of digital tools, consumers have also diversified their shopping journeys. Previously, physical stores were the only point of contact with the consumer. Today, omnichannel selling has become predominant and necessary for the sustainability of any business.

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Optimize your customer service by offering different payment types

payments types

Le 19 March 2020

The payments industry is constantly evolving with the continuous influence of technological innovations and consumer practices. Electronic commerce in all its forms goes hand in hand with the emergence of new, dedicated and adapted digital payment types.

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