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Why integrate the Push & Pay solution?

Le 28 September 2020

CentralPay, French fintech approved by the Electronic Money Establishment, integrates its unified digital payment solution into business software such as CRM, Accounting or Invoicing.

Among the immediate benefits provided by Push & Pay, which will benefit companies including SMEs, the significant reduction in errors and times that generate significant additional costs. The significant reduction in payment terms and therefore delays with their negative effects on cash should also be taken into account.

Full integration with existing software unifies operations between placing an order and paying, and provides a true cash management service in a single interface with no disruption in processing.

Push & Pay gives businesses the freedom to choose their digital payment method, without further development. They can choose the one that best suits their needs and the consumption habits of their customers: transfer, SEPA direct debits, credit card, instant payment, alternative means of payment, etc.

The Push & Pay platform then organizes the management of all payments in the form of a secure payment link, which can be integrated into an SMS, an email, a web platform or an invoice by QRcode.


Article initially published on September 22, 2020 and to be read in full on informatiquenews.fr