ClicOresto : an all-in-one solution to enable restaurant owners to overcome the health crisis

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All-in-one restaurant digitization solution

Respond to sanitary measures with ClicOresto

Le 16 January 2021

CentralPay launches ClicOresto, a set of unified ordering and payment services designed to integrate with cash register tools to facilitate the restaurant’s digitization.

Compatible with all the cash register solutions on the market, ClicOresto can be easily integrated into software and can be connected via API to product catalogs, menus and cards to allow remote customer ordering and payment. Thus, consumers can read the menu either from the restaurant owner’s website, via a widget integrated into the environment, or on a web portal hosted by CentralPay for all establishments that do not have an Internet presence.

In addition to payment by CB, Visa and Mastercard, consumers can pay for their purchases in particular from their wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal), by instant payment, transfer, direct debit and soon with ANCV holiday vouchers. The solution manages multi-participant payment, tips and delivery costs, partial and full refunds in the event of cancellation or missing product, and expense reports by email.

Order & Pay

ClicOresto also offers Order & Pay. The order taking and payment are made remotely by the customer, before being served at the table. This mode has the advantage of reducing the movements of the teams in the room and reinforces the application of sanitary measures. With Pay on Bill, consumers in a hurry no longer waste a minute at the checkout. If they always take advantage of suggestions at their table, they now have a QRcode printed on the provisional note to make their payment.

A white label solution

With ClicOresto by CentralPay, CHR software distributors can retain full control over their customers and catalogs, while consolidating their technical support. They receive a commission on the transaction fees collected and benefit from all of CentralPay’s expertise to offer additional payment-related features such as automated accounting reconciliation, reservation with deposit or even pre-payment. ClicOresto is the essential tool for the restaurant’s digitization.

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