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Le 3 December 2020

CentralPay integrates Push & Pay, its omnichannel payment platform, with business cash management functions in SaaS. The variety and richness of its innovative solutions effectively complement cash flow optimization processes.

CentralPay, the French fintech approved Electronic Money Establishment (EME) and expert in payment solutions, provides SaaS business software for cash management and credit management all of its technical expertise in accounting consolidation and customer relations in continued.

Push & Pay enriches cash management

Cash management in companies is becoming a priority. Optimizing its cash flow, evaluating and managing its working capital requirements fully participate in the growth strategy.

Push & Pay is CentralPay’s omnichannel payment platform. Integrated into the software or the cash management functionality of the company, it offers a set of innovative services to digitize all payment flows from end to end, guarantee their traceability and the automation of accounting reconciliation.

Customer relationship as a common thread

As part of the assignments of a credit manager, one of whose fundamental roles is to complete payments, Push & Pay enables seamless customer communication from the issuance of the invoice to the acknowledgment. Using personalized stimulus scenarios that can be programmed at the chosen pace, the credit manager maintains a close relationship with the company’s customers.

He can thus better assess the risks and anticipate a possible delay by proposing as quickly as possible the solutions adapted to each critical situation. The flexibility of Push & Pay makes it possible in particular to adapt payment methods on the fly (switching from a unit payment to a payment in installments for example) or to adopt another means of payment such as bank transfer, if necessary. , in the event of the card ceiling being exceeded by the payer or of maturity.


Article originally published on November 3, 2020 and to be read in full on docaufutur.com