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Choosing your payment service provider: 6 key criteria

payment service provider

Le 15 June 2021

Choosing a payment service provider can be a real headache. However, it is a major asset in your company’s strategy that should not be neglected! Payment is the last step in the buying tunnel. It is at this stage that the visitor will decide whether to commit or abandon the shopping cart. Improving the customer experience is therefore the guarantee of an increased conversion rate.

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The urgent need of the digitization of restaurants

Digitization of restaurants

Le 27 February 2021

The reception in restaurants is still postponed. Far from the eyes, far from the heart, the adage is all the more cruel for a sector which remains one of the few to mainly build customer relations directly. It is at the table that we forge lasting bonds. Perhaps this is why digitization is slow and sluggish.

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ClicOresto : an all-in-one solution to enable restaurant owners to overcome the health crisis

All-in-one restaurant digitization solution

Le 16 January 2021

CentralPay is launching a set of unified ordering and payment services designed for restaurant checkout tools. Compatible with all the cash register solutions on the market, ClicOresto can be easily integrated into software and can be connected via API to product catalogs, menus and cards to allow remote customer ordering and payment.

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CentralPay launches ClicOresto, the Click & Collect solution for publishers and distributors of CHR software

Click & Collect Solution

Le 2 January 2021

With ClicOresto by CentralPay, the cash register software of hotel chains and restaurant owners digitize end-to-end ordering, payment and loyalty.

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The adoption of new payment methods

payment methods

Le 22 December 2020

Payment methods are extremely varied. While many are linked to regionalized habits, the health crisis is seen as an accelerator of contactless payment, with a universal vocation.

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Push & Pay integrates with cash management solutions

cash management

Le 3 December 2020

CentralPay integrates Push & Pay, its omnichannel payment platform, with business cash management functions in SaaS. The variety and richness of its innovative solutions effectively complement cash flow optimization processes.

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Dialogue and interconnections, the strengths of credit management”

credit management

Le 18 November 2020

It is a little-known profession and few companies have opened a credit management position backed by their finance and accounting department. During cash management, the credit manager’s mission is to make the payments successful.

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Banks and fintech, the impossible agreement?

banks and fintech

Le 1 November 2020

Beyond cultures that are so significantly distant, the banking – fintech partnership comes up against aging infrastructures, the complexity of commercial processes and the timid development of automation.

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CentralPay Push & Pay, digital payment integrated into business software

digital payment

Le 28 September 2020

CentralPay, French fintech approved by the Electronic Money Establishment, integrates its unified digital payment solution into business software such as CRM, Accounting or Invoicing.

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Digitize and optimize your payments thanks to easy-to-use and secure payment links

payment links

Le 23 September 2020

Payment links are an easy solution to set up and secure payment method for taking remote and contactless payments.

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