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Optimize your customer service by offering different payment types

payments types

Le 19 March 2020

The payments industry is constantly evolving with the continuous influence of technological innovations and consumer practices. Electronic commerce in all its forms goes hand in hand with the emergence of new, dedicated and adapted digital payment types.

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Automate debt collection to reduce expenses

debt collection

Le 2 March 2020

Debt collections remain one of the capital issues for companies. They represent on average 40%1 of the total assets of a company.

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CentralPay, the French FinTech becomes EME and makes payment the common thread of customer

Payment Institution

Le 16 February 2020

CentralPay, an Electronic Mint approved by the Banque de France, delivers unified payment services through a multi-channel offer extended to electronic money management.

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The tokenization of credit cards, a challenge for the tourism industry

Tokenization of credit cards

Le 3 February 2020

The CentralPay electronic payment solution offers the tokenization of bank card data in a PCI DSS environment. This is an important issue for the tourism industry, especially hotel distribution centers.

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CentralPay facilitates the growth and optimization of payments for marketplaces

Payment solutions for marketplaces

Le 15 January 2020

With a panel of solutions dedicated to market place management, CentralPay fosters an environment conducive to the deployment of qualitative services and strengthening the attractiveness of the sales platform.

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