Optimize your customer service by offering different payment types

The payments industry is constantly evolving with the continuous influence of technological innovations and consumer practices. Electronic commerce in all its forms goes hand in hand with the emergence of new, dedicated and adapted digital payment types.

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Payment types : loyalty issue

Le 19 March 2020

Tours, January 7, 2021 – This notion of “adaptability” is also the central point of these developments. It is essential for the sustainability of companies to adapt to its sector and its increasingly demanding clientele for this type of payment types.

Understanding this issue, financial institutions and payment service providers, such as CentralPay, have developed new online payment types that simplify and streamline the act of purchasing without compromising security.

Payment in X times

Previously reserved mainly for very substantial amounts. Fractional payment is increasingly popular with consumers, even for everyday purchases.

With installment payments, expand your service offering and offer your customers ease of payment. While retaining the possibility of billing or not this service.

Offering your customers to pay in installments represents advantages for them, it allows them to increase their purchasing power, but also for you :

  • Increase your average basket : it will be easier for your customers to acquire expensive goods or services
  • Build customer loyalty : a broader payment service offering will set you apart from the competition
  • Increase your conversion rate : payment in installments helps consumers in purchasing decisions
  • Reduce the risk of default : by splitting the payment, the amounts withdrawn will be smaller and you will therefore have less risk of being refused payment.

Paying in installments also allows you to better manage your down payment requests. For example, in the context of a product order, debit the 25% of the deposit immediately and upon receipt of the product by the customer, automatically cash the remaining 75%.

Payment by subscription

Payment by subscription is increasingly democratized in consumption habits and is no longer reserved only for certain sectors of activity. However, not all businesses will offer it because it still corresponds to a need in the context of an activity, a good or a service sold.

The subscription service allows you to easily manage your recurring payments. While leaving you the possibility of coming to modify them, example : purchase of an additional option by the customer, exceeding of the fixed price within the framework of the telephone operators…

Beyond this ease of processing recurring payments, the subscription has other advantages : retain your customers and optimize your cash-flow by moving from a one-time source of income to a recurring source of income.

PLBS & Deposit payment

The PLBS deposit (Payment for the Rental of Goods and Services) is intended for a specific sector of activity : the rental of accommodation (Airbnb), vehicles (Rent a Car), major works equipment (Kiloutou)…

Previously, the check was the preferred deposit system. However, the risk of default with bad checks was very high.

With the digitized PLBS deposit system, ensure the customer’s creditworthiness and no longer fear refused payments. Send pre-authorization links to block funds on your customer’s credit card. The sum is locked in for a maximum of 30 days. You can then choose to release the entire deposit, or to cash it partially or completely.

Multi-participant payment

By the time of payment, you’ve probably heard your customers wondering who pays and who then reimburses. But this system is sometimes the source of certain headaches for your customers. With multi-participant payment we offer you to offer an additional payment service and provide the solution to your customers. For you nothing changes but for them it changes everything.

When paying, each participant receives a payment request by email. You define the validity period of the link. Payment is only validated if the total amount is paid at the end of the defined period.

You adapt to new consumer families and optimize your customer service.

Multi-support payment

Offer payment with different payment types to your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Multi-support payment allows you to combine for the same payment : credit card, holiday vouchers, cashback, etc. You will no longer miss a sale because of a card cap and you also set yourself apart from the competition by offering an additional payment service. Real added value for your customers.

The landscape of payment types has evolved a lot to support current consumer trends. Accessible via payment links or payment form on websites, they meet the needs of a sector. It is your activity that will determine the payment methods that you will need to offer to your customers.


Do you want to know which payment types are best suited to your business? Contact our teams.