Advanced features

Discover the features that will speed up development of your company.


Whether you need a payment solution for an SaaS business, a marketplace, an e-commerce site or a platform, CentralPay meets your online payment needs thanks to a range of services and payment features available in the API REST or payment modules.

  • Acceptance of credit and debit cards
  • Management of one-off and recurring payments
  • Detailed monitoring of transactions
  • Payment in over 150 currencies
  • Custom and pop-in forms, with no redirection
  • 1-click payment
  • Upsell and cross-sell features
  • Advanced integration via API REST
  • E-commerce modules (prestashop, woocommerce/wordpress, etc.)
  • Management of subscriptions and renewals
  • Trial periods, suspension of the service and remittance management
  • Payment in instalments
  • Retry feature in the event of failed operations
  • Creation of subscription plans
  • Generation of a payment line
  • Payment of quotes, debts, invoices
  • Management of payment schedules
  • Payment of deposits and balances
  • Automatic sending of messages and reminders
  • Amicable collections

Advanced security

  • Configurable 3D Secure
  • Anti-fraud
  • Management of blacklists
  • Certified level 1 PCI DSS platform
  • Tokenisation service


  • Global purchase network
  • Smart transaction switching
  • Management of over 150 currencies
  • Multilingual payment forms


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