Integration and administration

Our API and webhooks allow complete integration of CentralPay into your information system or software. Even more accessible, our backoffice allows all merchants to visualize their operations and interact with the platform’s main functions.

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REST API and hooks


CentralPay’s technical structure is entirely API-oriented, meaning you get more control and freedom when using our payment services.

Platform-oriented functions

Collect card transactions
Receive bank transfers
Send transfers
Initiate payouts
Initiate external transfers

Customer-oriented functions

Create consumer profiles associated to their payment methods
Set up subscriptions
Propose installment payments
Initiate payment requests


You are notified by real-time HTTP requests when a status change or movement is detected in the API. In this way, you keep your information system up to date 24/7 and can intervene at any time.
Hook examples: a successful or unsuccessful transaction, creation of a new subscription, a new customer, a new chargeback…

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CentralPay back office

The CentralPay back office is an interface linked to the API. It allows easy access to its operations and management of account settings.

Here you will find the payment features and the account-related services. A “platform account” will allow you to visualize operations and perform transfers between its linked accounts. The “standard account” can only interact with its own data.

  • Visualization of operations
  • Form configuration
  • Payment requests
  • Advanced searches
  • Exports / reporting
  • Security settings