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We support your business in all its environments. Your online, remote, and in-store sales operations are linked to one and only interface.

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Integrate online payment forms

Integrated payment form
"Custom Form"

The “Custom Form” allows you to create personalized payment forms in order to build a unique payment experience that is fully integrated into your sale process.

PCI-DSS compliance required level: SAQ A-EP (moderate)

Access all API functions

Create your own forms

Define your own rules

Integrate your information system

Hosted payment form
"Smart Form"

A ready-to-go payment form hosted in the CentralPay PCI-DSS environment, configurable from the backoffice or the API and easy to setup with only few lines of codes.

With the “Smart Form”, the most complex processing parts are managed by Centralpay:

  • Generating and hosting of the payment form,
  • Verifying users information,
  • Managing different payment methods
  • Securing card data,
  • Reminders or payment requests notifications.
PCI-DSS compliance required level: SAQ A (minimum)

Integration in less than 2 mins

without any code

Add Centralpay to the e-commerce solution you use with WordPress (WooCommerce), PrestaShop, and Magento plugins

Send payment requests by email and SMS

The Push&Pay turnkey service allows you to send payment requests via email and SMS from the CentralPay backoffice or API.

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Benefit from an in-store payment solution (EPT)

Use and distribute last generation electronic payment terminals that incorporate all Centralpay payment methods.

You identify your customers with their payment methods and improve customer tracking from your website to your store. Everything from the same interface.