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New ways of paying

Multi-participant payment

Adapt to new consumer types by offering multi-participant payment.

Each participant receives a payment request by email. The payment is validated only if the total amount is paid before the deadline you’ve defined.

Type de paiement multi-participants

Installment payment

Offer installment payment to your customers, with or without fees.

The customers pays a deposit and views the upcoming installment plan. The system automatically collects due amounts on the indicated dates.

Type de paiement échelonné

Combine payment methods

Don’t miss sales because of your customers’ card limits.

They can pay one shopping cart using several payment methods (two different credit cards, or partly by card and partly by bank transfer for example)

Type de paiement combiné

Payment by subscription

Offer recurring services and simplify your payment process.

Set up a settlement plan by subscription. Add invoices to change the amounts collected and view the transaction statuses from your backoffice.

Type de paiement par abonnement

Security deposit

Dematerialize security deposits.

Send 3DS pre-authorization requests allowing you to block the funds for 30 days. During this period, you can either release or collect the deposit amount.

Type de paiement caution PLBS

One-click payment

Simplify payment for your returning customers.

Offer payment without re-entering bank card details to your loyal customers. In this manner, you facilitate the access to additional products/services or to quick, low-value purchases.

Type de paiement 1 clic