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We assist you in setting up your offers. All our prices are adaptable, transparent and free of hidden costs.

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E-Commerce Rates
Non-binding, without setup fee

For e-commerce activities

0,9% + €0,15

Corporate cards 1.4% + €0.15
International cards 2.5% + €0.15
Transfer fee (income) : 0.5% + €0.15
Direct debit (income) : 0,5% + €0.15
Minimum monthly billing : €50
*All prices excluding taxes
  • Accept all payment methods
  • Offer all payment types
  • Easily commercialize your offers with Smart Form
  • Send Push&Pay instant payment requests
  • View your operations from the CentralPay Backoffice
  • Consult your reports in Excel format

For high volume businesses

Custom pricing plan

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support in setting up your offers
  • Technical support for Custom Forms and API integration
  • Push&Pay programmed payment requests included



€300 setup fee

  • Send Push&pay programmed payment requests
  • Create custom email and SMS templates
  • Configure automated reminder scenarios
  • Access all CentralPay payment methods and types
  • Your scenarios installation and configuration are made with the help of a CentralPay expert

Offers comparison
and service list

Payment services
E-commerce plugins (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento)
CentralPay API
Payments in foreign currencies
Card payments (CB, Visa, Mastercard)
E-wallet payments (PayPal, AliPay, WeChatPay)
Bank transfer payments (SEPA)
Direct debit payment (SDD)
Installment payments (X times)
Combined payment (multiple payment methods)
One-click payments
Pledgees/ deposits
Multi-participant paymentsPush&Pay option
Email/SMS instant payment requests
Email/SMS programmed payment requestsPush&Pay option
Email/SMS programmed mass payment requests (via spreadsheet)Push&Pay option
Payment pages
Hosted payment form (SmartForm)
100% responsive page on desktop, mobile and tablet
White label payment form and page
Integrated payment form (CustomForm)
Centralpay Backoffice
Sales data export
Acceptance rules engine
Configurable 3D Secure (V1 and V2)
Automatic payouts
Multi-user access with configurable rights
Tutorials, glossary and FAQ
Email support
Phone supportBilled per hour
Dedicated account manager
Monthly reporting