Accounting and finance manager

The company

Created in 2009, INNOVEST brings together collaborators stimulated by innovative projects and driven by an approach of permanent reinforcement of their expertise. In its organization, the administrative and financial pole of Innovest puts its expertise at the service of its two subsidiaries Cyrès and CentralPay, allowing each company to develop and innovate freely.


Required diplomas :

  • DCG (Diploma in Accounting and Management) and DSCG (Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management) accounting diplomas
  • Specialized masters in CCA (accounting, control, auditing) or finance
  • Business and management schools, option finance-accounting
    Legal or tax training supplemented by financial-accountancy training

Duration of experience : 5 years in an accounting firm or company

Required skills

Technical skills

  • Mastery of French accounting standards
  • Knowledge of the French tax system
  • Mastery of computer tools and accounting software packages
  • Professional English desired (oral, written)
  • Mastery of various accounting and financial techniques (financing, investments, processes, performance measurement, etc.).

Professional skills

  • Organization, rigor : observance of procedures, particularly with regard to the tax authorities, being the guarantor of the filing of all financial documents.
  • Critical thinking and synthesis : restitution of raw data, financial or qualitative, to help managers make decisions.
  • Ability to be versatile
  • Ability to negotiate and make proposals for improvements, the application of new accounting rules, internal control, reporting, etc.
  • Anticipation of the economic and financial consequences of daily events

Missions and responsibilities covered

  • Ensure the audit of the accounts until the balance sheet is drawn up,
  • Ensure cash management, budget forecasting, and the implementation of control tools
  • Create monthly dashboards and reporting
    To be the privileged interlocutor of the financial institutions and auditors.
  • Oversee billing and collection
  • Ensure cost accounting by highlighting useful indicators and ratios
  • Establish and improve management procedures
  • Monitor cash flow, ensure payments from third parties, develop financing plans

Well-being at CentralPay

CentralPay is very attached to the well-being of its employees and offers a multitude of services, including :

  • Concierge service and an outsourced Works Council,
  • Daily provision of drinks and snacks : coffee, tea, syrup, fresh fruits, dried fruits, cakes, etc.
  • Moments of exchange, meeting and sharing : monthly breakfast, quarterly participatory picnic, tech workshops around a pizza, afterworks, meetups, annual seminar, etc.
  • An equipped break room : lounge, TV, video games, magazines, etc.
  • Extra professional activities : participatory library, one-time events (musical blind-test, cooking workshop, sporting events).
  • Type: CDI - (39h, possibilité 35h)
  • Number of positions to be filled: 1
  • Salary: 33 K€ / 38 K€ according to profile
  • Location: Tours