Security and fraud prevention

Improve your sales conversion without the risk of non-payment

Fraud management optimised by an engine with
customisable rules coupled with machine learning algorithms.


Protect yourself
from fraudsters

Access all the tools to accept sales without losing money through the use of advanced fraud prevention rules.

Limit the risks of

Coupled with our machine learning algorithms, our highly-evolved rules engine protects you against non-payment without using sales.

Save your customers’
details securely

Thanks to our Tokenisation service, your customers’ sensitive data never leaves our PCI environment and you will avoid tedious audits.

Configurable 3D Secure


Our configurable 3D Secure service is the least invasive possible. It allows you to choose whether or not to activate the buyer authentication system based on set criteria adapted to the behaviour of your customers and is inserted directly into the payment page without redirection.

Amongst the 100 criteria available: buyer’s IP address, card country, order amount, period, etc. These can be combined with the blacklists and whitelists.

Because 3DS CentralPay guarantees the security of your payments without costing you sales.

Thanks to the efficient management of 3D Secure, reduce fraud whilst keeping your sales high.
With its transparent redirection system, 3DS CentralPay maintains the benefits of a strong authentication mode to limit the risks of non-payment whilst adding a high level of efficiency.

Fraud prevention tools

Basing itself on the data, the system creates a predictive model that will analyse and detect fraud without affecting your sales.

Fraud risk

For each transaction, a score is calculated allowing you to manage the risks taken.

Management tailored to your

The risk is measured thanks to data collected beforehand, real time data and the settings linked to your site and activity.

Machine learning

Basing itself on the data, the system creates a predictive model that will analyse and detect fraud without affecting your sales.

Management of personalised rules

Determine the set of criteria and develop them according to your activity.

Add a rule to block payments or activate 3DS requests
All payments affected by this test will be automatically blocked.

Activate 3D Secure if #ip_country is different to #card_country and #amount >= 10000
Refuse if #card_country is not France and #amount > 100000 and #transactions_per_card_monthly > 2

Add and activate

Establish transaction acceptance and refusal rules, the activation conditions of the 3D Secure security or even the use of a single-use password or OTP (email, SMS, CVV). You can choose from a range of criteria: IP, card issuer country, card holder country, currency, transaction amount, daily or monthly volume of transactions, consistency between the seller and the customer’s IP, etc.


100 rule attributes


Complete customisation

Management of blacklists and whitelists



The management of blacklists enables you to block
transactions in real time according to established criteria.


The whitelist enables the filters established or normally applied to be disregarded. This therefore enables you to integrate a list of trusted users, for example.


• By customer
• By geographic area
• By card
• By IP
• By issuer country
• Etc.


Identify suspect buyers and save the details to protect your customers’ data.
Improve your company’s credibility.
Use our customer manager to blacklist suspect customers in order to improve security.

Data protection

Tokenisation of card data

The storage of payment card data constitutes a considerable risk, you are forced to manage the protection of said sensitive data and bear the growing cost of a more and more complex PCI DSS infrastructure.

CentralPay’s tokenisation service enables sensitive data to be replaced by just one token that cannot be read by third parties. This is the best way to ensure that payment data remains secure.

Each token is a unique, secure chain that points towards the data to be protected.

The sensitive data is stored in the CentralPay PCI DSS infrastructure and available at all times thanks to the dedicated API.

You only store tokens, unusable in the event of intrusion and the compromising of your information system.


PCI DSS certified payment platform

In order to guarantee the security surrounding all its payment operations, the CentralPay solution is level 1 PCI DSS certified, the highest level in terms of bank detail security.
PCI DSS compliance enables protection of sensitive data from one end of the exchange network to the other to be reinforced in order to counter fraud, protect your activity and preserve customer trust.

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