Customer loyalty

Improve customer knowledge and experience with secure « customer » accounts: dematerialization of payment methods, transaction history, centralization of customer data from all channels, media and loyalty programs

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Payment, the guideline of customer knowledge

Take advantage of the relevance of multi-channel payment

With Customer accounts, each transaction is automatically associated with a customer ID to continuously feed the merchants’ customer knowledge base. All customer information is centralised in real time, from all sales channels (online, instore, remote or mobile), providing an overview of your customers’ activity and possible marketing or customer loyalty strategies.

Unified and secure account support

Identify your customers better, unify their data and digitalize your loyalty

Customer accounts allow you to collect, store and historicalize all your customers’ data, based on the transactions carried out. This allows you to diversify customer identification methods (from their credit card in shop, from their email online, etc.) and thus optimize your customer knowledge, a vector for strategic and operational decision-making.

Account support allows you to:

Unify your customer knowledge within a single, ultra-secure database (transaction history, preferred payment methods and channels, average basket, payment failures, etc.)

Improve your customer identification capacity. Your customers’ payment methods become a complementary identification method to the traditional first name, last name and email, especially when paying in shop.

Digitalizing your loyalty strategies by using the customer account as an electronic money medium. It can thus integrate the concepts of your loyalty programs and be fed accordingly with each transaction (gift points or cashback).

A tool to enhance the customer experience

Give your customers access to practical support

Your customers can easily access their Customer account using their email or payment methods. They can thus:

Pay without re-entering bank details

Dematerialize their payment methods, pay in one click…

View their purchase history

Access their transactions, current subscription plans, payment in x number of times…

Store their loyalty benefits

Electronic money, gift points, cashback…

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