Financial reconciliation

Simplify the traceability of operations with a readable banking environment where all transactions are lettered, segmented by point of sale, interconnected, and where movements between accounts are precisely detailed.

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the administration console

Benefit from a multi-functional and multi-user interface


DashBoard is an interface of CentralPay API that integrates most of its functions such as: SmartForm generation, sending payment links by email and sms, creating new points of sale, creating affiliate accounts, etc.


In addition, this interface allows you to clearly view your operations, export them in multiple format and manage the technical parameters of your account. Even those of your affiliated merchants if you are a marketplace or a business solution provider.


DashBoard is dedicated to the CentralPay account holder but is also accessible to all employees by simply creating user profiles. A system of roles facilitates the assignment of each person’s rights, thus allowing the interface to be entirely adapted to their function in the company.

Accounting exports

Simplify your financial reconciliation

On your CentralPay account, you have access to the details of all the financial movements made as well as a customized lettering on each of them, allowing you to reconcile them with your invoices or any other billing element.

In order to extract this data, DashBoard allows you to perform precise searches and then export them in Excel, CSV or JSON format, thus facilitating your financial reconciliation tasks.

The CentralPay API and webhooks allow you to go even further in the traceability of operations. You are able to retrieve this data and automate these accounting reconciliation tasks by interacting in real time with your information system.

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Monthly reporting

Simply generate your monthly financial statement

As a payment account holder, you are credited of transactions received from your various point of sales. The gross amounts collected, the operational costs and the net amounts collected are detailed under each transaction. Payouts, initiated automatically from your CentralPay account to your regular bank account, are also shown.

All this information allows CentralPay to generate a monthly report of your account, which you can submit effortlessly to your accounting department.

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