In-store card payment

Unify your in-store, online and remote transactions in a single account

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Your in-store card transactions on your CentralPay account

Connect your payment terminals to your CentralPay account in order to unify all your omnichannel transactions

We set up your existing payment terminals to send their data directly to your CentralPay account. Therefore, you benefit from a centralized accounting process, unifying all your company’s transactions.

Payment card
serving customer

Improve your customer authentication capacity with omnichannel card payments

Each transaction is automatically associated with a customer ID to continuously populate your customer knowledge base. All customer information is centralised in real time, from all sales channels.

Your recurring customers are identified by their card, whether they are on your website, ordering remotely or paying in shop. This gives you a cross-sectional view of their consumption habits, allowing you to develop more relevant marketing and loyalty strategies than ever before.

Digital membership
for your in-store
loyalty programmes

Fairly reward your customers and convert regulars into loyal ones

Depending on your customer rewarding rules, CentralPay can send your loyalty program subscription offers directly to your customers by SMS, via your POS system or from your receipts. The customers can access a digital portal to receive an immediate reward in exchange for accepting to share their payment history.

Customer payment

In-store, online, remote or mobile

Customer identification

from his payment card

Loyalty history

calculated according to your program and registered on CentralPay

Loyalty proposal
by CentralPay during a second payment, to the customer or during checkout
Loyalty membership

customer acceptance, validated by password sms/email

Customer account creation
in your CRM with CentralPay shared data

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