Accounts KYC and KYB

Simplify the creation of your merchants’ accounts by dematerializing the contractualisation and limiting the regulatory constraints imposed on them.

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Dematerialized contracting

Create accounts efficiently and effortlessly

As a CentralPay platform or marketplace partner, you have a secure portal to contract with your affiliated merchants easily and remotely. The list of services and associated fees are validated and signed electronically. Our compliance teams collect the legal documents and validate them, freeing you from regulatory constraints.

Send onboarding requests

One by one from DashBoard or to your entire list of merchants using the API.

CentralPay ensures Compliance by

  • Offering a KYC & KYB documents collection portal
  • Analyzing and validating the received documents
  • Constantly updating your merchant’s profiles

Pre-opened accounts without legal documents collect

Accelerate your merchant onboarding with sequential enrollment

We offer an account creation method that allows accounts to be pre-opened without collecting legal documents (called “sequential” enrollment). This allows you to immediatly start the technical integration of merchants on your platform and even to start collecting its first transactions during KYC & KYB validation process. The pre-opened accounts are limited until the documents are validated.


  1. Validation of data
    filled in the request
  2. Limited account creation
  3. Sending of documents
    according to merchant activity type
  4. Documents validation
    by CentralPay
  5. Limits raised


  1. Validation of data
    filled in the request
  2. Sending of documents
    according to merchant activity type
  3. Documents validation
    by CentralPay
  4. Merchant account creation

Funds transfer

Split transactions and transfer funds to merchant accounts

Solution de paiement marketplace CentralPay

Collect third-party funds on a segregated account

Transfer funds to affiliated accounts

Debit commissions on every operation

Real-time currency conversion

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