Online card payment

Accept all major bank cards and currencies from payment forms that suits you

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Payment forms that suits you

Optimize your payment experience effortlessly from our smart hosted forms or build your own payment experience by API with CustomForm


The “Smartform” form integrates the main payment services and makes them accessible in a few lines of code or from a secure link sent by email or sms

Notifications de paiement


The “Custom” form is fully integrated into the merchant or partner environment. Developed by the latter using the CentralPay API, it meets the needs of the most complex payment processes

Open up your business to the world

Allow your customers to pay with all major credit cards and currencies

Credit cards accepted

Currencies accepted

Payment facilities

Offer new payment facilities to your customers and adapt your payment process to the specificities of your business industry

1-click (upsale)

to simplify transactions for recurring customers

By subscription

to debit a sum regularly from a bank card (includes the provision of a customer portal for managing subscriptions)


to address multi-consumer offers or the needs of blended families

Installment  (in X times)

to split the payment of your customers with a down payment and management of the balance (possibility to add a fee for this service)

Multi-supports (several cards…)

to facilitate the purchase of large sums of money and avoid problems with card limits

Guarantee deposit (30-day pre-authorisation)

to block funds and collect them if necessary but also to ensure the solvency of your customers’ accounts

Discover CentralPay solutions

Invoice payments reconciliation

For better remote collection and automatic reconciliation of all your invoices

Unified payment solution

To unify online, remote and in-store payment data and improve customer knowledge

Marketplace solution

To accelerate merchants onboarding, split their payments and simplify reporting

Values management in electronic money

To simplify value exchanges between its users, all in compliance