Payment by SEPA Direct Debit

Improve the management of your recurring payments customers with a fully digitalised direct debit process

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SEPA Direct Debit

Manage your payments by subscription or in installments without constraints

  • The SEPA direct debit is a payment method intended mainly for subscription payments but is also widely used for recurring payments such as X times, deposit/balance or recurring unit payments with the same loyal customer.
  • It requires the issuing and signing of a contract between the merchant and the debtor, called a SEPA mandate, which specifies the authorised direct debit conditions.
  • Unlike recurring card payments, it is not subject to expiry limits or caps. Compared to credit transfers, it has the advantage of being initiated by the merchant and therefore easy to letter, and it automates the regular withdrawal of funds.
  • The SEPA Direct Debit is integrated into the Universal Payment Link service.

Simplifying and
digitising the SEPA
direct debit

Get the benefit from CentralPay’s innovations to manage your direct debits

CentralPay consolidates the relevance of the SEPA Direct Debit by integrating :

  • A customer notification service, allowing them to be alerted to upcoming deadlines.
  • A merchant alert service in case of a failed direct debit, allowing him to regularise his customer’s situation with an alternative payment method.
  • An electronic signature service, allowing the whole contracting process with the customer to be digitised
  • A SEPA mandate registration service, to offer one-click payments to its customers, without a new signature

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