Payment by
SEPA transfer

Control your customers credit transfer processes and receive your lettered transfers on your CentralPay account

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The lettered
SEPA Credit Transfer

Link your incoming transfers to your payment requests using a unique reference filled by your customers

  • The SEPA credit transfer is the ideal payment method for high value transactions as there is no limit and no risk of customer dispute.
  • The main problem with the classic SEPA credit transfer is its reconciliation. The only information that allows the accounting department to reconcile a transfer with its invoice is the amount and the date.
  • By generating a unique reference when displaying your bank details that the customer enters in their transfer details, CentralPay is able to automatically reconcile your incoming transfers.
  • The referenced transfer is integrated into the universal payment link service.

SEPA Credit Transfer with dedicated virtual IBAN

Reconcile incoming transfers easily, even if your customer’s reference is wrong

  • Just like your regular bank account, your CentralPay account is identified by a unique IBAN that allows you to receive your incoming transfers.
  • To assist your accounting teams during transfers identification and invoices reconciliation, CentralPay allows you to create a range of additional virtual IBANs dedicated to your recurring customers, or even to some of your individual invoices.
  • Each of your customers now knows you under a dedicated IBAN, so when you receive an incoming transfer, you automatically identify the sender even if there is no invoice reference.
  • Dedicated virtual IBANs are dynamically displayed in our universal payment links. You can also get them via API to be displayed in the payment details form directly on your paper or PDF invoices.

SEPA Credit
(Payment Initiation)

Take control on your customers’ transfers initiaition, facilitate payment process and limit human mistakes

  • Initiated SEPA Credit Transfer allows you to initiate the amount, IBAN and invoice reference instead of your customers directly with their bank so that they only need to log in to their bank and accept the credit transfer.
  • By controlling the payment process, you are informed of the date the transfer was issued and an estimate of when it will be received. You reduce the risk of human mistakes to zero and can fully automate the reconciliation of all your initiated transfers.
  • The initiated transfer (also called Payment Initiation) is integrated into the universal payment link service.

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