Payment data tokenisation

We secure the card data processing on your behalf, via tokenisation. You no longer have to meet complex PCI-DSS security standards.

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The card data tokenisation

Replace payment data with a secure token

Payment card data constitutes a considerable risk, you are forced to manage the protection of sensitive data and bear the growing cost of an increasingly complex PCI-DSS infrastructure.

Payment data are replaced by a secure token.

  • Each token is a unique and secure chain pointing to the data to be protected, whether it is a card number, IBAN, or any other secure information.
  • Sensitive data is stored in the Centralpay PCI-DSS infrastructure and available at any time through a dedicated API.
  • You only store tokens, unusable if your information system is compromised or undergoes an intrusion.
tokenisation des données
PCI DSS compliant

CentralPay is level 1 PCI-DSS certified, the highest level in terms of bank data security.

Reduced the scope
of PCI-DSS compliance checks

  • Sensitive data is stored in the CentralPay digital safe ensuring compliance with the majority of PCI-DSS standard.
  • Removing sensitive data from your environment reduces data protection constraints.
  • Tokenisation significantly reduces the number of regulations to verify and allows you to reduce compliance costs.

The advantages of Tokenisation

Discover Centralpay’s Tokenisation service benefits

Eliminates the constraints

of sensitive data protection

Secures and stores

sensitive customer data

Facilitates and reduces

PCI-DSS compliance costs

The Tokenisation process

Simplify the PCI-DSS compliance and protect your customer’s data.

One or more VMs host your software within the CentralPay PCI-DSS infrastructure.

Sensitive data is processed through a secure exchange and then returned as an infeasible to reverse token.

The sensitive data remains stored in the CentralPay digital safe.

The data to be secured is returned using the token and the identification parameters provided by CentralPay.

Who uses tokenisation?

Many organisations are now using tokenisation.

Tokenization meets compliance requirements by replacing data with a secure token. It transmits data management to the CentralPay PCI-DSS infrastructure and thus exempts from a substantial number of compliance audits.

CentralPay’s tokenisation service is available to merchants, marketplaces or any handling sensitive data as part of their daily business.

Tokenized data can be bank card information, PAN, IBAN, health data or any other confidential data.