Turnkey marketplace

Using the CentralPay API, you will be able to integrate and manage sub-merchants, customers, affiliates and third parties. You receive transactions, set your commissions, and automatically redistribute due amounts.

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Manage all your platform needs
From contracts to reporting

Acquisition paiements

Facilitate contracts

Simplify your onboarding and account creation processes with our white-label onboarding portal:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Document collection
  • Electronic signature of a contract that includes your Terms and Conditions and pricing
Solution de paiement unique

Remunerate the participants

Simplify the settlement operations:

  • Automatic payouts for merchants
  • Costs profiles management
  • Debit of commissions on every operation
Accompagnement expert

Traceability and reporting

Standardize the monitoring of your operations:

  • Multi-particiant transactions traceability
  • Banking operation lettering
  • Automatic monthly reporting
  • Data export to Excel

Split transactions
and redistribute funds
Flow management and platform remuneration

Dedicated services


The Marketplace operator handles multi-merchant transactions from the API.

Service fee
or commissions

You could charge a service fee as an Agent or receive a commission as a CentralPay Partner.


Financial management facilitation; bank operations are identified by a clear descriptor.

Integrate merchants
into your platform
Remotely onboard your merchants and have your contracts electronically signed

Send onboarding requests

One by one from the CentralPay Backoffice or to your entire list of merchants using the API.

CentralPay is responsible for the Compliance by

  • offering a KYC documents collection portal
  • analyzing and validating the received documents
  • constantly updating your merchant’s profiles

A wallet and a Backoffice access

Each onboarded merchant obtains a CentralPay e-money account and a Backoffice access to view his/her transactions.

Two onboarding workflows

Two onboarding methods, to optimize your merchants’ integration rate.

Onboarding request


  1. Validation of data
    filled in the request
  2. Limited account creation
  3. Sending of documents
    according to merchant activity type
  4. Documents validation
    by CentralPay
  5. Limits raised


  1. Validation of data
    filled in the request
  2. Sending of documents
    according to merchant activity type
  3. Documents validation
    by CentralPay’s teams
  4. Merchant account creation

Two partnership models
Adapted your needs

Agent model

You benefit from a Payment Institution Agent status and operate in white-label, you having the following rights:

  • Hold third-party funds on a segregated account
  • Offer your own contracts
  • Invoice customers

You are responsible for your merchants and platform operations.

Partner model

You are an occasional business introducer for CentralPay:

  • Offer CentralPay to your customers or prospects
  • Provide technical and functional integration
  • CentralPay onboards and invoices the customers

You receive a predefined commission on each transaction carried out by the customers under your IOBSP status (Intermediary in Banking Transactions and Payment Services).

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