With the B2B payment solution, digitalize your current sales processes, reduce your operational payment costs and centralise your online, in-store and remote payments into a single account.

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Simple and secure remote payment

Digitalize your sales processes with email and sms payment links

  • Make your customers pay remotely by sending “SmartForm” payment links directly by email or SMS.
  • You keep full control of your communication by writing your email/sms templates beforehand.
  • Your customers clearly understand the context of the payment requested thanks to your logo, your description of the product sold, your internal order reference, and your invoice as an attachment.
  • Depending on your sending parameters, your recipients will be able to pay their invoice using all available payment methods: bank card (CB, Visa, Mastercard, etc.), SEPA transfer, SEPA direct debit or E-Wallet (ApplePay, GooglePay, etc.).

Different sending methods are available from Dashboard or the CentralPay API:


Simple sending with a standardized email or SMS template, accessible without any setup.


Uses your own customised email or SMS templates and automated customer reminder scenarios.


Allows you to send many scheduled requests from a CSV file containing your list of recipients.

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Automated notifications

Automate your customer relations and internal sales alerts.

With our automated notification service, you can inform customers or automatically alert colleagues of events happening on your CentralPay account. Your communication is mastered by predefined scenarios and email or SMS templates.

This service also allows you to automate your customer invoices recovery by scheduling reminders on your payment requests.

Examples of use :

  • Automatic customer notification when a bank card expires, if the customer is involved in a subscription or a recurring payment
  • Automatic customer notification when a SEPA transfer is received
  • Email notification to the sales team when a customer payment is received
  • Email notification to the accounting team when a customer refund is initiated
  • Email notification to the accounting team when a chargeback is received
  • Json notification to your information system when a payment request is settled allowing to close the associated invoice
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Unified commerce solution

Centralise all your customer transactions on your CentralPay account

Your CentralPay account allows you to open new selling channels and to benefit from a flexible accounting process for these operations. However, you still have a classic bank account for your physical transactions, made in shop.

In order to unify all of your company’s flows into a single account, CentralPay gives you the possibility to set up your existing payment terminals (EPT POS) to unify your physical and digital flows. All within the same interface.

all your customer transactions

  • Online
  • Remote
  • In-store
  • Mobile

the favorites payment methods of your customers

  • Credit and debit cards
  • SEPA Transfers
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • E-Wallets

your payment methods to your business needs

  • One click
  • Subscriptions
  • Multi-participant
  • Installment
  • Combined
  • Deposit / Deffered payment

DashBoard, the online multi-user interface

Dedicated to your monitoring and accounting needs

  • Managing your account settings
  • Create and send payment links by email and sms
  • Visualize your operations in real time
  • Detailed exports of your transactions in excel, csv or Json format
  • Automatic monthly accounting reports
  • Unlimited creation of user profiles for your employees
  • Rights and roles for adapting the interface to the functions of each user