Business solution providers

As business solution providers, benefit from a technical partnership that allows you to integrate a payment offer into your business solution without inheriting the legal constraints of a platform.

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Opening CentralPay services to your solution users

Simplify access to payment services from your own solution

Accounts creation

Integrated services

Adapted pricing

Integrator DashBoard

Our compliance teams are ready to open accounts for your customers and partners who want to use payment services through your business solution. You also give them access to an attractive pricing offer based on the total volume of your users connected to CentralPay.

A technical support partnership

Help your users to initiate payment transactions

Through our integrator partnership, you are able to initiate payment services on behalf of your users from your business solution. A real-time dialogue between our two solutions via webhook notifications will also ensure continuity in your value chain.

CentralPay does not replace your customer relationship, but provide you with an integrated DashBoard that allows you to directly supervise and make the necessary technical adjustments for your customers.

The billing of CentralPay for technical support services provided may be specified in the contract between our two parties.

Individualised account management

Do not assume your users’ responsibilities and accounting tasks

Each merchant has personal access to his account in order to view the transactions initiated from your solution. The DashBoard interface allows the automatic generation of financial reports and separate accounting exports for each account. The management of transactions and banking data remains the full responsibility of CentralPay, which handles the legal and administrative aspects directly with your users. You remain the unique technical support point for your customers and do not inherit from fastidious financial or accounting tasks.

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The CentralPay solution

Integrate high value-added payment services through your business approach

As business solution providers, you can offer to your customers a payment solution accessible from your technical environment, but not only. Each merchant can access all our services from the API or simply via DashBoard.

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