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Simplify digital values exchanges between users by managing instant wallet-to-wallet movements. Easily open E-wallets and initiate transactions in a fully mastered environment, with very limited operating costs and fraud risks.

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Value management
in electronic money

The second Electronic Money Directive (2EMD) entrusts the issuance and regulation of digital values exclusively to the authorized Electronic Money Institutions. Their management involves many financial, technical, legal and security issues that we ensure for you: value securitization, KYC, KYB, controller declarations, fraud management, etc. Whether you’re a gift card issuer or an editor of a consumer to consumer exchange platform (C2C), CentralPay’s agile and secure infrastructure will meet your innovations’ expectations.

Payment accounts
and e-money wallets ecosystem

Speed up exchanges between participants on your platform. Acquire funds and create e-money wallets to simplify exchanges. CentralPay generates the counter-value by issuing electronic money and then allows you to make movements between wallets according to your IT system’s instructions. You are now in control of all your operations: acquisition, escrow, storage and value exchanges between participants.

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Réseau retail

Prepaid values
in electronic money

Managing prepaid values (vouchers or gift cards) in a network of brands, franchises or independent retailers is subject to accounting, technical and regulatory constraints that can only be released by issuing a counter value in electronic money. Moreover, in these networks, the store that sells the prepaid card or voucher generally bears its costs. Make the system fair by compensating these costs from the beneficiary to the issuer. Benefit from real-time transactions traceability, ensuring control and simplifying accounting for everyone.

Electronic money
for C2C platforms

Help sellers to buy more easily. Store your users’ funds on electronic money wallets to simplify re-use for future purchases in your platform. Through E-wallets, credited or earned funds can be reused within your service ecosystem without external costs or time constraints. Once the acquisition is complete, trigger the creation of an e-money wallet on behalf of your user and transfer the acquired funds for future use. Fast, highly secure and very economical.


When you manage values
in e-money with CentralPay


Move funds

No longer suffer availability or bank transfer delays, transfers from wallets to wallets are immediate.


Reduce your operational
and acquisition costs

Automate your movements, any compensations within your network, and provide your customers with an efficient payment method, moreover low-cost even for microtransactions.


Improve your

Master the exchange paths, with multi-directional audit trails


Maintain a high level
of compliance and safety

You delegate compliance responsibilities to your e-money institution partner

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