Quickly open merchant accounts without collecting legal documents, give each player on your platform access to a DashBoard for monitoring and reporting, collect third-party funds and initiate transfers from DashBoard or from the CentralPay API.

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A powerful marketplace solution

Open merchant accounts without constraints, break down your transactions, and benefit from individual reporting on each account

Acquisition paiements

Faciliter la contractualisation

Simplifiez l’accès à votre solution de paiement marketplace grâce à notre portail d’enrôlement en marque blanche :

  • Gestion du KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Collecte des pièces justificatives
  • Signature électronique d’un contrat comprenant vos CGU et votre grille tarifaire
Solution de paiement unique

Rémunérer les acteurs

Simplifiez les opérations de règlement :

  • Reversement automatiquement aux marchands concernés
  • Gestion de profils de charge
  • Prélèvement des commissions sur opérations
Accompagnement expert

Traçabilité et reporting

Uniformisez le suivi de vos opérations :

  • Traçabilité des transactions multipartites
  • Lettrage des opérations bancaires
  • Édition automatique de rapports mensuels
  • Export des opérations bancaires sur excel
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Optimized account creation time

Create fully compliant merchant accounts even faster

CentralPay provides a powerful KYC data collection portal allowing you to send enrolment requests individually from DashBoard, or to your entire list of merchants from our API. Our teams take care of compliance by analysing and validating the documents sent by your merchants.

Reducing the time it takes to open a merchant account is a challenge and a major issue for t a marketplace success. With Sequential Enrollment, allow your merchants to open their account in less than 2 minutes by simply providing their IBAN.


  1. Validation of data
    filled in the request
  2. Limited account creation
  3. Sending of documents
    according to merchant activity type
  4. Documents validation
    by CentralPay
  5. Limits raised


  1. Validation of data
    filled in the request
  2. Sending of documents
    according to merchant activity type
  3. Documents validation
    by CentralPay
  4. Merchant account creation

With this account pre-opening feature, no more wasted time, the integration time of your merchants is reduced to the minimum. You can immediately start their technical integration on your platform. Your merchants can upload their documents to the CentralPay portal at any time, to remove the limits on their account.

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Marketplace payments management

Collect on behalf of third parties and redistribute funds of your platform

By becoming a Payment Service Provider, you can benefit from all the services of our payment and electronic money institution.

Split transactions and control all your merchant account settings from the API or DashBoard. Each merchant has personal access to their account to view and export transactions made on their behalf on your marketplace.

Solution de paiement marketplace CentralPay

Collect third-party funds on a segregated account

Transfer funds to affiliated accounts

Debit commissions on every operation

Real-time currency conversion

Automated notifications

Automate your customer relations and internal sales alerts.

With our automated notification service, you can inform customers or automatically alert colleagues of events happening on your platform. Your communication is mastered by predefined scenarios and email or SMS templates.

This service also allows you to automate your customer invoices recovery by scheduling reminders on your payment requests.

Examples of use:

  • Automatic notification to the affiliate merchant when you transfer funds to them
  • Email notification to the sales team when a customer payment is received
  • Email notification to the accounting team when a customer refund is initiated
  • Email notification to the accounting team when a chargeback is received
  • Automatic notification to the customer when a credit card expires, if he is engaged in a subscription or recurring payment
  • Json notification to your information system when a payment request is paid, allowing you to close the associated invoice
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