Smart Collection

Get your bills and orders paid even more easily. Automate payment related notifications and reconcile all your transactions automatically, even incoming transfers without references

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Lettered universal
payment links

Manage your customers’ payment experience. Generate lettered payment links for each invoice, CentralPay automates email and SMS reminders. Your customers pay more easily online from their favorite payment method (card, transfer, direct debit). The traceability of the payment link will lead to automated reconciliation for all incoming payments into your account, even transfers without reference or with wrong amounts.

Unified credit

Make it easy for all participants. Your customers pay in 1 click from their payment methods saved on the payment links. Otherwise, they pay you by transfer on the CentralPay virtual IBAN you created for them and through which you instantly identify them. You visualize payment requests sent, funds received per customer, upcoming recurring payments and pending payments as well.


Automate payment related customer relationships. Schedule customer reminders for payment requests and create automatic alerts to be notified of payment progresses. You can then quickly take control when a customer experiences a payment failure, notify them when their direct debit due date gets closer, or inform your accounting department when a transfer has been received.

and financial reports

Make your accounting tasks easier. Your accounting tools (ERP, CRM, credit management or invoicing) are automatically updated by our payments status. They even can associate your CentralPay payment links to your invoice issuing. You can benefit from a consolidated view of all transactions or sorted by customer on a simple dashboard that you can export in Excel files.

Managing your cash collection has never been easier.

When your remote payments
are under control


Reduce accounting operational costs

Stop wasting time on pre-litigation procedures and automate 100% of your reconciliation tasks.


A frictionless customer relations

Never miss a payment again! Automate time-consuming communications and get notified when it’s your turn to act. Focus your resources on important or sensitive major accounts only.


Digitalized and simplified payment experience

Your customers enjoy an easy payment experience and benefit from new payment facilities. Your payment periods are reduced, your company reputation and your cash flow improved.


Unified Monitoring and visualisation

All your incomes are visible in one account. No need to juggle between many banking applications to consult all your recurring, single, card and transfer payments.

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