Unified Payment

Centralize all your online and offline payment transactions into one single account. Provide a unified shopping experience for your customers and get complete omnichannel customer insights.

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your operations

Check and manage your online and offline payments from a single platform, no need to replace your POS solutions. Facilitate your accounting operations, your cash-flow management, and get a full knowledge of your customers’ payment behaviour.

your customer

Identify your members from your POS terminals without the need for a loyalty card. CentralPay helps in engaging non-members by offering an instant reward based on their historic spending. Your in-store loyalty programs become more attractive and the customer knowledge you will gain will be exceeded.

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Offer a customer-centric

Put your customer in the centre of your sales experience. Recognize immediately your online customers as soon as they pay in one of your shops. Save your shoppers’ payment preferences and make easier their checkout experience. Fully understand your customers’ payments behaviours and tailor your marketing strategy based on that omnichannel data.

When your payment
becomes unified


No waste of time at the checkout

Loyal customers are recognized without the need of asking for their name, and the regular ones will join and get their loyalty reward online right away. No more long queues at checkout!


Better marketing management

A complete view of all customers’ purchase history across all channels. Customers will spontaneously share their data in exchange for a reward equal to their previous spending. Now you are prepared to make the right strategic decisions.


Improved traceability
= Simplified straightforward accounting

In-store on website transactions as well as invoices settled by SEPA transfers will be unified and singularly lettered. The dashboard, excel exports and automatic reports will save you precious time.


A gigantic step
towards Unified Commerce

Your customers are no longer stuck between the barriers of your physical checkouts and your online sales funnels. By unifying your sales and loyalty channels, you gather the best conditions to develop a real Unified Commerce Experience.

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