Comprehensive management of your recurring payments with the CentralPay API.

Optimise payment management. Simply.

Create subscription plans

By using plans, you set up your subscriptions and decide the frequency, duration, currency and subscription model.

Management subscriptions with just a few lines of code

The payment form can be directly integrated into the subscription page thanks to the custom form.

Master all types of recurring payment

Regular schedules, pay-as-you-go subscription plans, one-off payments, payment in instalments with a payment plan.

Receive subscription payments easily

The CentralPay API enables you to associate one or several subscriptions with a customer, register one or several cards per customer and ensure the continuity of the subscription even in the case of the changing or expiry of the card.

Optimise your activity on an international scale

Accept payments in over 150 currencies and charge in 15 currencies. The forms are also managed in over 10 languages.


Fast, simple integration.

  • Payment plan creation

  • Client registration

  • Collection of due payments

  • Notifications of settlements


Invoice for consumption

Payment of licences or à la carte

Management of additional expenses

Trial periods and management of promotions

Supplements and options to personalise subscriptions

Retry in the event of failed payment

Assistance with creation and follow up of subscriber plans


The plans enable you to quickly modify a subscription for all customers. You can also create as many subscription plans as you need.


Store card data securely thanks to wallets to renew or manage your customers’ subscriptions without having to deal with PCI constraints.


Monitor your subscriptions simply thanks to the back-office and be automatically alerted in the event of payment concerns (invalid card, subscription renewals, etc.)

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