Tokenisation CentralPay

Make your clients’ sensitive data secure

Tokenisation of payment data

Replace payment data with just one token
The storage of payment card data constitutes a considerable risk, you are forced to manage the protection of these sensitive data and bear the growing cost of an increasingly complex PCI DSS infrastructure.

Payment data are replaced with a secure token

Each token is a single and secure chain pointing to the data to protect be this a IBAN bank card number or any other data to make secure.

The sensitive data is stored in the CentralPay PCI DSS  infrastructure and available at all times thanks to the dedicated API.

You only store tokens, unusable in the event of intrusion and the compromising of your information system.

The scope of verifications
of PCI DSS compliance is reduced

Sensitive data are stored in the CentralPay electronic strongbox that guarantees compliance with a certain number of points from the PCI DSS standard.

By removing these data from your setting, you thereby reducedata protection restrictions.

Tokenisation splits up the number of regulations to verify and enables you to reduce the cost of ensuring compliance.


Advantages of tokenisation

Discover the advantages of the CentralPay tokenisation service

Do away with restrictions

sensitive data protection

Make secure and store

your clients’ sensitive data

Facilitates and reduces

the costs of ensuring PCI DSS compliance

Operation of tokenisation

Make ensuring PCI DSS compliance easier and protect your clients’ data

One or several VMs house your application within the CentralPay PCI DSS infrastructure.

Sensitive data are processed by means of a secure exchange and are then retrieved in the form ofsecure Token.

The sensitive data remains stored in the CentralPay electronic strongbox.

The data to make secure is retrieved using the Token and identification parameters provided by CentralPay.

      CentralPay is PCI DSS level 1 compliant, the standard’s highest level.

Who uses tokenisation?

Various organisations use tokenisation today

Tokenisation meets the compliance requirements by replacing the data with a security token. This shifts management of these data towards the CentralPay PCI DSS infrastructure and, therefore, provides exemption from a certain number of verifications related to compliance.

The CentralPay tokenisation service is available for traders, marketplaces or any other entity in contact with sensitive data in the context of their daily activity.

Tokenised data may be bank cards, PAN, IBAN, healthcare data or any other confidential data.


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